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Lingga Sakti, Now and Tomorrow

PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia is a company which works in field of producing pipe connections. PT Lingga Sakti was established in May, 1995 with the following share holders:

  1. Everbright Indomac Perkasa, Indonesia.
  2. Chia Jwu Enterprise Co, Ltd, Taiwan
  3. Liu A Ho, Taiwan
  4. Kuo Chung Chen, Taiwan
  5. Wang Ching Min, Taiwan
  6. Tsai Chen Feng, Taiwan

Since its established until today , PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia has progressed rapidly , in human resources, technology and product quality. Every progress which has been achieved is a result of the company's ability to process together technology from outside the company with the technology which the company has.

PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia never stops in incresing and improving its human resources through training-training abroad and in Indonesia to face the challenges of the global era , in which the company is commited to increase the quality of its products.

PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia has got certificate ISO 9001 from Kema Registered Quality and IQ-NET as a reward that our product have fulfilled the standart product.

The Products:

The product made by PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia are Stainless Steel Flange with various types of measurements. For the Stainless Steel Flange, measurements available are : #304,#310,#316 and #410. Production standards which can be made are JIS, ASA, BS, DIN. PT Lingga sakti Indonesia is also able to make all types of molding products for stainless steel flange. These products are used for connection of water pipes, oil pipes, gas pipes, cement pipes etc.

Production Capacitiy:

From year to year the production has always increased. Until now the production capacity of PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia is 70 tons/month.

Product Specifications:

The products produced by PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia are as follow:

  1. JIS Flanges :
    • 5 K and 5 K Blind : size 1/2" - 24" local and type A
    • 10 K and 10 K Blind : size 1/2" - 24" local and type A
    • 20 K and 20 K Blind : size 1/2" - 24" local and type A
  2. DIN Flanges
  3. ANSI Flanges
    • LB 150 and LB 150 Blind
  4. Socket Welding Neck

PT. Lingga Sakti Indonesia can also produce various measurements according to costumer's demand.

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